Introducing new pricing that scales.

March 16, 2021

By The Cypress Team

At Cypress we are dedicated to helping developers write better code faster by making it easy and delightful to test their code. When we launched the Cypress Dashboard in 2017 our goal was to provide the added tools required for teams and businesses scaling up their test automation to meet the high quality demands of their customers.

In serving this mission, we spent a lot of time listening to feedback from our customers. We heard one main theme time and time again– customers need flexible pricing that scales easily to meet their needs and that makes the power of Cypress accessible to more teams around the world.

Today we’re releasing new pricing plans and features for the Cypress Dashboard that allow us to continue to deliver on this mission– making it easy and delightful for developers, teams, and businesses to deliver high-quality, bug-free experiences to their users and customers.

Pricing that scales.

New consumption-based pricing– pay only for the test results you use.

Image showing four new pricing plans for the Cypress Dashboard. The Free plan includes 3 users, 500 test results and features like parallelization, load balancing, debugging, analytics and integrations. The Team plan includes 10 users, 10,000 test results and added features like Flake Detection and JIRA integration. The Business plan includes 40 users, 10,000 test results and features like Smart Orchestration and Flake Management. The Enterprise plan is fully customizable with unlimited users, custom legal terms and premium support.

Our new plans are now based on consumption-based pricing that ensures you only pay for what you use. We’ve also introduced new features and updated each plan to better reflect the use cases of our customers.

  • Free plan. Our Free plan offers an advanced feature set for personal projects and smaller teams who want to test and debug faster by leveraging parallelization, debugging, analytics, and a host of integrations.
  • Team plan.  The Team plan is ideally suited for growing teams ready to invest more in their automated testing strategy. We have also added more features (like the new JIRA integration) to help teams test and debug better together.
  • Business plan. The Business plan is best for larger teams and includes feature sets like Smart Orchestration and Flaky Test Management (coming soon). We also include Single Sign-on (SSO) and a lower rate for additional test results, ideal for companies scaling their automated testing for even faster release cycles and even more efficient test runs.
  • Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan includes all of the features in our other plans, along with unlimited users, greater cost savings on test results, and predictability through annual contracts, premium support, and more. Work with one of our technical product experts to assess your organization’s unique requirements, and how the Dashboard can help you scale accordingly.

What’s staying the same?

  • If you're a current customer, your Cypress Dashboard plan doesn’t need to change right now. Although our Seed, Sprout, Tree, and Forest plans are no longer available, existing customers can stay on their current plan. Your Cypress plan will stay exactly the same as will the features you have access to today.
  • We will continue investing substantially in the features and functionality of our open source Test Runner. Our commitment to open source is core to the foundation of Cypress, and we are excited to continue to invest in our OSS community.

Learn more & get started today

You can learn more about the specific details of our new pricing plans and get started today by visiting our pricing page.

If you already have an active subscription, any "Owner" or "Admin" of your Cypress Dashboard organization can review the current subscription details as well as the new pricing options under the "Billing & Usage" section of the Cypress Dashboard.

As always, if you have any questions about your specific pricing plan, we’re here to help.