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Upcoming Changes to Component Testing

Cypress 7 introduced the alpha version of a new testing type – the first since Cypress’ inception – Component Testing. Cypress 10 brought a number of updates and improvements, marking the beta version of Component Testing. Early next week, we will be releasing Cypress 11. With this release, we are…

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What’s new for Cypress 10.7 🚀

Today, we released 10.7. Read on to learn more about: The return of Cypress Studio for Cypress 10Svelte Support for Component TestingWelcome Back, Cypress Studio!Cypress Studio provides a visual way to generate tests within Cypress, by recording interactions against the application under test. It is…

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How to Use Studio in Cypress 10.7

Studio is back in Cypress 10! Studio allows you to generate and save Cypress tests by interaction with your site. Our users love using Studio to: Save the time and monotony of manually writing tests to get to the hard part about test writing fasterRapidly scaffold out test cases based on in-app beha…

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