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The NEW CircleCI Cypress Orb

As you embark on your journey writing automated tests, it’s likely that you’ll need to run them in a CI/CD environment. Configuring these systems can be cumbersome and unfamiliar to application developers. Luckily, Cypress is compatible with all Continuous Integration (CI) providers and systems! 🎉…

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Cypress Dashboard will soon become Cypress Cloud

Summary * Cypress Dashboard was introduced in 2017 as an essential peer to the open-source Cypress app. * To better represent what Cypress Dashboard is today – and will be in the future – we are renaming it Cypress Cloud. * This rename will have no immediate impact on how you use Cypress C…

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Uploading files made easy with the .selectFile command

Today we're excited to announce a built-in way for you to select files in an HTML5 input element and simulate dragging files into the browser with the introduction of the .selectFile() [] command, new in Cypress 9.3.0 […

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