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Join the Team With 10,000 (GitHub) Stars!

An amazing thing happened a few days ago—we reached 10,000 stars on Github, less than two years after making our open-source repo available. 10,000 Github stars in two years! Source If you haven’t tried Cypress yet, check out our docs and give our…

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New Feature: Log in to the Cypress Dashboard via Google

Just a quick product update: you can now log into the Cypress Dashboard via Google! GitHub is home base for many of the developers using Cypress—which is why it was our initial focus when we enabled social login to the Cypress Dashboard. But as we’ve grown, we’ve heard from people outside that devel…

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Meet our new VP of Marketing: Steven Yi

Cypress is pleased to announce, Steven Yi has joined as our vice president of marketing. In addition to his experience in developer evangelism and product marketing, he spent the first seven years of his career as a developer, working on large web e-commerce systems and enterprise integra…

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Happy 2019 from Cypress!

As our team gets a running start to the new year, we think reflecting on how far has come in 2018 serves as the perfect conduit to determining our goals for 2019. We reached some truly unprecedented achievements, and we could not have done it without our outstanding Cypress community. Bel…

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Meet our Lead Product Designer: Jeff Tucker

Hi, I’m Jeff 👋 I’m a designer and developer, and I’ve just joined Cypress as Lead Product Designer. I’ve held a fairly wide assortment of roles before this – UX designer, frontend developer, backend developer, and data analyst. Let’s take a look at how I’m using these skills to help build Cypress.P…

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A New Leaf at Cypress: Lila Conlee Joins the Team

Writing software is hard! Whether you’re building an application from scratch or making modifications to the oldest file in a codebase, the process wears on you. Some of the difficulties are fun; you get to fail repeatedly, fix most of your mistakes, and create something amazing all while becoming m…

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