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Guest Post: Improve your error screenshots in Cypress

Cypress makes it incredibly easy to read their code. Even people that don’t work with Cypress here at Slido can easily understand what is going on in the test code...…

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Guest Post: Some UI testing problems and the Cypress way

Why is testing a web application so hard? Why generic browser automation tools do not fit well the UI/E2E testing needs? Why does Cypress outstand? A generic features comparison is not enough to understand what are the main UI Testing pains and how Cypress removes them.…

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Guest Post: I did a Cypress workshop and this is what I learned

Note: This post was originally published by Filip Hric on Medium. Filip is a QA lead at Slido, a lifelong IT enthusiast with a background in psychology, and a Cypress ambassador. I had a chance to do a Cypress workshop at this year’s TestCrunch in Brno. It was an amazing experience. I knew I loved t…

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