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  • Magnolia Triplett

Meet the 2020 Cypress Ambassadors

Cypress Ambassadors are our community network of experts - sharing the benefits of testing with Cypress at events, conferences, meetups, and online. As 2020 begins, we want to take a moment to recognize them for their contributions and share how you can apply to be an Ambassador, too!…

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Devoxx Belgium 2018 & Xebia Meetup

November was another great month here at Cypress as the team spread out across multiple conferences to talk about end-to-end testing. I had the pleasure of giving a conference talk and a workshop at Devoxx Belgium. In between the hustle and bustle of Devoxx, I made a visit to the Xebia headquarters…

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ReactiveConf 2018

October 2018 was a great month for Cypress - we went out of Beta with our SaaS services, did a ton of work on the test runner and released v3.1.1, and I did ReactiveConf Roadshow and Conference tour. This blog post summarizes what I have done during the conference. If you could not attend the Reacti…

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Takeaways from Write the Docs + Open Help Cincinnati

This weekend I attended Write the Docs + Open Help Cincinnati. Write the Docs + Open Help is an event that brings together documentation contributors to share and learn from one another. The weekend included a day of talks and day of unconference sessions and lightning talks. It also included three…

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