Open Source Projects Welcome is an avid supporter of open source. We use and contribute to open source projects every day to make our products better, and believe it’s vital for supporting other developers and the ecosystem.

To support the community we provide the Open Source plan for projects to take advantage of our Dashboard service.

To qualify, your project needs just two things:
  • Your team or organization is a non-commercial entity
  • Source code is available in a public location with an OSI-approved license
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Always free and open source. No restrictions or limitations.


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Open Source Plan

  1. Users5
  2. Test resultsUnlimited
  3. SupportCommunity
  4. Test parallelization
  5. Run grouping

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If our open-source plan doesn’t fit your needs, check out our other plans.

Pricing FAQs


What's the difference between the Test Runner and the Cypress Dashboard?

The Cypress Test Runner is an open-source, downloadable application that runs your tests in a browser. The Test Runner is free to use and is provided under the MIT licence. The Cypress Dashboard is a SaaS web application that adds a powerful layer of insight and analysis to each test and your test suite as a whole when running the Cypress Test Runner headlessly in your Continuous Integration pipeline. With Cypress Dashboard you’ll find video recordings, screenshots, logs, test case history, test analytics, flaky test detection, and more. We offer a variety of plans for the Cypress Dashboard, including a free plan, an open source plan, and paid plans.

Plan Limits

What happens when I reach my user limit?

Once the user limit is reached, you will be unable to add users until the limit is increased or a user is removed. You can increase your user limit by upgrading your plan anytime via the Cypress Dashboard or by emailing [email protected]

What happens if I go over my Test Recording limit?

If the Test Recording limit is exceeded, tests will continue to run but parallelization will be disabled and run data will be hidden from the Dashboard until the plan is upgraded or the next usage period begins. You can increase your Test Recording limit by upgrading your plan anytime by emailing [email protected] or via the Cypress Dashboard.

Will you tell me if I’m getting near my Test Recording limit?

Yes! When you reach 90% of your Test Recording limit within a given usage period, we send an email notification to the owners and admins of your Cypress Dashboard Organization.

What if I need more Users or Test Recordings than is offered with the Forest Plan? 

Contact us! We can build a plan to fit your requirements.

Are there any limits on free, open source projects?

We ♥️ open source! The Cypress Test Runner is a free, open-source application. The Cypress Dashboard is free to use for non-commercial open-source, public projects. Check out our OSS plan to learn more!

Have more questions?

We’re here to help! Shoot us an email at [email protected].


Do I need a credit card to create an account?

No, you do not need a credit card to create an account. When you create a Cypress Dashboard account, you'll be automatically placed on our free Seed plan with no commitment. Payment will be required if you upgrade from the Seed plan.

Do you offer annual plans?

Yes - we do offer annual plan versions of our Sprout, Tree, Forest, and Enterprise plans. If you are interested in purchasing an annual plan, contact us!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for standard plans. We accept ACH and wire payments for enterprise plans and annual plans.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan anytime via the Cypress Dashboard or by emailing [email protected].

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime via the Cypress Dashboard or by emailing [email protected].

Plan Features

What counts as a user?

A user is anyone with a login to the Cypress Dashboard that has been granted permission to see test results for your organization.

What is a Test Recording?

We consider each time the it() function is called to be a single test. Only test runs recorded to the Cypress Dashboard when running Cypress headlessly count toward your plan limit. For example: If you record a run to the Cypress Dashboard which contains 10 spec files, with each spec file containing 5 `it()` functions, this would count as 50 Test Recordings.

What's Test Parallelization?

Test Parallelization is the intelligent load balancing of your spec files which runs your tests in parallel across available machines when running in Continuous Integration. This ensures that your tests run as fast as possible, with no need for manual configuration. Learn more about parallelization in our docs.

What's run grouping?

Run grouping helps you organize your test results in the Cypress Dashboard. This is useful if you want to run the same group of tests across different environments, across several directories in a monorepo, and more. Read more about grouping in our docs.

How does GitHub Integration work?

The GitHub Integration provides timely and useful test run information within your GitHub workflow via commit status checks and pull-request comments. Read more about GitHub Integration in our docs.

Always improving

We have a roadmap packed with ongoing improvements. Cypress is getting better and better every day.

Awesome documentation

Our docs are super thorough and cover every API command, plus examples to help you and your team maintain quality tests.

Top notch support

We have tons of support options for you if you get stuck, including an amazing, active community. Premium support options are also available.