Companies are successful with Cypress.


As advertised, setup is close to none, writing assertions is easy and feels natural, and GUI is, well, awesome!

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One of the most appealing aspects of using Cypress is that the tests are run in your browser in real time, as you develop the test.

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It doesn’t matter what language your application is written in. If it has a browser interface — even if there’s no JavaScript — Cypress makes it easy to verify behavior

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Cypress automatically waits for the full JavaScript to load, and gives you the option to wait for a specific API call. It was actually quite convenient to convert a flaky test to a green test again.

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Cypress screenshots and seeing how your tests progress is a marvelous way to debug the tests, and a marvelous way to start to understand why the test failed.

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You’ve probably heard of Cypress, the popular end-to-end testing tool. It seems like everyone is adopting it these days, and with good reason: it’s much faster, more powerful, and easier to use than similar tools that predate it.

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The time it takes to become familiar with how to write Cypress tests is minimal.

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After reviewing Cypress, Puppeteer, and TestCafe, it was clear to Quizlet that Cypress was the best end-to-end integration framework to meet their needs.

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Developers Love Using Cypress

It's been great! I love the dashboard feature since it helped debug an issue we had with tests failing on the CI server.

Robert Cooper

Amazing tool, one of the best I have seen in over 30 years in the IT industry. Will definitely recommend to all development teams I work with.

Ed Darnell

I loved using it as someone with zero experience in code whatsoever. I work in QA and wanted an alternative to Ranorex that was easier to use

Alex Dixon , Carphone Warehouse

These companies are already testing better with Cypress: