Our story

Web development has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last decade, but front-end testing has not. Testing sucks. It’s the part that every developer dreads.

It’s often harder to write a passing test than an actual feature.

We want to spend our time building cool things, and we need tools that match how we build modern applications.

So we built a revolutionary new testing tool from the ground up. We have created a product that we love and actually use ourselves.

Our team is highly experienced and passionate about solving problems. We’re lucky enough to have some of the best minds in the industry.

Being open source, Cypress is evolving faster and better than if we worked on it alone.

Now developers can ship their software faster and more consistently, with confidence.

We believe testing needs a lot of love, and we are here to foster a tool, a service, and a community that can teach and benefit everyone.

Our team

Zach Bloomquist
Senior Software Engineer
Cecelia Martinez
Technical Account Manager
Agustin Yañez
Account Executive
Ni Ha
Product Designer
Marisol Jordan
Director of Revenue Operations
Puria Rustamzadeh
Account Executive
Pilar Muner
Director of People
Travis Cooper
Lead Engineer
Brian Mann
Olivia Palmer
Community Marketing Manager
Ben Alman
Developer Experience Team Lead
Jennifer Shehane
Software Developer
Jonathan Canales
Customer Success Manager
Zach Panzarino
Product Growth Engineer
Lachlan Miller
Senior Software Engineer
Alejandro Estrada
Software Developer
Tim Griesser
Director of Engineering
Mohammed Coovadia
VP of Success & Sales
Shawn Taylor
Software Developer
Shawn Harris
Success Engineer
Raven Black
Billing Specialist
Ganesh Radhakrishnan
VP of Engineering
Amir Rustamzadeh
Director of Developer Experience
Thorsten Lorenz
Senior Software Engineer
Kevin Old
DX Team Lead
Adam Murray
DX Team Lead
Chris Breiding
Senior Software Engineer
Robert Guss
Developer Experience Engineer
Jordan Woods
Director of Marketing
Jessica Sachs
Engineering Manager
Lou Grande
Account Executive
Christina Noren
Chief Product Officer
Joe Krawiec
Analytics Engineer
Will Sweet
Lead Data Scientist
Tommy Noonan
Product Growth Manager
Sarah Castle
People & Talent Development Lead
Ben Kucera
Software Developer
Bart Ledoux
Senior Developer
Magnolia Triplett
Marketing Manager
Aaron Geller
Director of Sales
Tim Gribble
VP of Finance
Ryan Coleman
Success Engineer
Drew Lanham
Randall Kent

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