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Build, test, and debug directly in your browser with a seamless developer experience that is loved by developers all around the world. Test your code, not your patience.

A screenshot of the Cypress End-to-End testing dashboard, which users can use to launch various front-end testing and E2E testing tools.
A screenshot of the Cypress component testing, a UI testing framework that allows users to test individual UI components in isolation.

Cypress works with all modern JavaScript frameworks

Delightful Experience

Write your first passing test in minutes

  • Install Cypress via npm, yarn, or direct download as a standalone application. We recommend installing Cypress as a dev dependency to simplify upgrades and versioning while running in CI workflows.

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  • Launching Cypress for the first time, you will be guided through decisions and configuration tasks so you can write your first passing test in minutes. No more configuration hell.

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  • We believe that tests should be simple to write, read, and understand. Writing tests with Cypress is like giving descriptive commands to a real user to execute.

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  • Use Cypress Studio to generate tests as you click and record each interaction with your application. Additionally, you can use our interactive selector playground to generate commands for matching any element.

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  • Out-of-the-box, Cypress includes everything needed to set up your test suite. Spend less time managing drivers and dependencies, and spend more time delivering quality code.

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    Assertion Library
    Javascript Test Framework
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Visual Debugging

Debug failures directly in the browser

  • Time travel to see your application’s behavior during test execution step-by-step. Hover over commands to see which elements Cypress acted upon and how your real app responded using simulated user behavior.

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  • Watch commands execute and your application under test side-by-side and in real time. Tests automatically re-run on file save for an instant feedback loop so that you can drive development with testing.

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  • We go with the flow of the modern ecosystem. Continue using built-in browser tools that you know and love while your tests run. There’s no fidelity loss.

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  • Understand why something failed with automatic DOM snapshots and videos of a full test spec run. This extra visibility makes debugging in headless mode (locally or in continuous integration pipelines) a breeze.

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  • Find everything you need in one place. In-App workflows powered by Cloud insights to enable you to locally manage your project health and review, rerun, and debug tests that are recorded to Cypress Cloud.

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Flake Resistance

Eliminate flaky tests with ease

  • Never add arbitrary waits or sleeps to your tests. Cypress automatically waits for commands and assertions before moving on. Since commands execute serially, you can write deterministic, predictable tests.

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  • We wrap all DOM queries with robust retry-and-timeout logic. When a test fails, we mimic a real user with built-in wait times and multiple attempts at asserting your tests in order to minimize false negatives / positives.

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  • Cypress reduces flaky test results which are commonly present in other testing frameworks by isolating the state of each test and clearing the state of the browser before the next test runs and ensuring more trustworthy results.

    Auth Login as a member role
    Clear page, cookies, sessions and local storage
    Auth Login as an admin role
    Clear page, cookies, sessions and local storage
    Auth Login as an owner role
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  • Cypress automatically retries failed tests to mitigate flaky tests from failing entire test runs or CI builds. When paired with the Cypress Cloud, you’ll be able to detect, monitor, prioritize, and fix flake issues.

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  • Our architecture doesn’t use Selenium or WebDriver. We built Cypress from the ground up for superior stability. Running in the same run-loop as your app allows us to control the entire automation process from top to bottom.

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    Auth Login Owner Role
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Loved by OSS, trusted by Enterprise

Cypress is proud to support developers all around the world by making it easier to build and test modern applications.

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Whoa @Cypress_io is just so impressive and writing tests is a surprising delight.
Check out @Cypress_io for end to end #testing https://cypress.io

One of the most user-friendly, no-frills and feature-rich automation tools I have worked upon. Kudos to the Cypress team for their commitment and dedication. Keep up the good work!
Who deploys on Fridays? We do at @fostercommerce. Why? Because @Cypress_io.
The further I get into my career as a dev, the more I appreciate testing. I like writing tests, I like finding edge cases with them, I like checking my bug fixes by running them, I like watching them live with cypress. It just feels like a good way to learn and feel confident.
awesome to see how much tooling @Cypress_io is offering developers. Today, I went through the e2e code coverage tutorial and it was as easy as it could be to set it up on a react project https://t.co/J95kPEdnK2
Seriously, doing component testing with @Cypress_io is such a breath of fresh air. No mocking browser API's, none of that. Want to test out IntersectionObserver? Just load the component and use cypress. That's all.
.@Cypress_io is an amazing piece of software. It's far and away the funnest and most intuitive testing framework I've ever used.
I've started using @Cypress_io for testing

It's insanely useful, not just for testing but as an aid while developing

Can't believe how much time I've wasted by manually typing in data to test forms

Here it is, along with a sneak peek of @cloakist's new onboarding flow
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Filip Hric 🇸🇰❤️🇺🇦
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Popularity of @Cypress_io is not a coincidence, the DX is buttery smooth and feels familiar with what FE devs work with already:

- test code compiles and runs inside browser

- hot reload tests (re-run on save)

- debug with browser devtools

- integrate with CI

- component testing
In the world of test automation, #cypress is a beauty. @Cypress_io
@Cypress_io component testing can flip how you build apps.

And it's got LITTLE to do with "testing". It allows you to develop from the inside out. This makes focusing while coding SO MUCH EASIER!

Can't say this loud enough. Give Cypress componnet testing a try!!!

#Vue #webdev
@Cypress_io Amazing work on ver 10 and component testing. Just love the way you put emphasis on DX. Well played.
@Cypress_io super happy with the great Cypress docs. Just getting started with testing and your excellent docs and video tutorials make it so much less intimidating. #FrontEndDeveloper #javascriptframeworks #javascript #unittesting #e2etesting
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