Cypress is heading to Assert(js)

February 13, 2018

By The Cypress Team

The Cypress team is super excited to be heading to San Antonio on February 22 for the Assert(js) conference. The Assert(js) Testing Conference is a one-day, single-track conference focused on helping JavaScript developers better understand and share best practices with JavaScript testing tools. Sounds like a great place for us to hang out with like minded developers.

But we are not just going to hang out. Cypress CEO and founder Brian Mann is teaming up with Gleb Bahmutov, our Vice President of Engineering, to lead a presentation entitled “I see your point but…” While Brian and Gleb have created an awesome testing tool at Cypress they don’t always see eye to eye on the best way to go about creating quality software faster. In their presentation they will debate such things as test-driven development versus end-to-end testing, cross-browser testing, code coverage, selecting the right test framework, using stubs and mocks, and snapshot testing.

A few other notable session topics from the great lineup include:

While Kent C. Dodds’ Wednesday training session, including writing tests with Cypress, is sold out you can still get your tickets for the main conference. We hope to see you there!