ReactiveConf 2018

November 8, 2018


By Gleb Bahmutov

October 2018 was a great month for Cypress - we went out of Beta with our SaaS services, did a ton of work on the test runner and released v3.1.1, and I did ReactiveConf Roadshow and Conference tour. This blog post summarizes what I have done during the conference. If you could not attend the ReactiveConf 2018, you can still catch up with Cypress by reading.


We have driven around Czech Republic with Matej StratenĂ½ and conducted 3 meetups dedicated to web application testing using Cypress. Altogether, about 150 people attended, and some of them were already using Cypress. This was a chance for me to meet our users face to face and answer A LOT of questions. My slide deck from the meetups is included below.


After the meetups, I had the privilege of talking about Cypress test runner at the conference itself. ReactiveConf will always be a special event for Cypress team; in 2016 it was one of the first events where Cypress was announced. In my presentation I spoke about

  • command retries built into Cypress
  • testing apps via public browser APIs
  • going from test browser context to Node context
  • declarative test syntax
  • how easy it is to customize Cypress

You can see the slides and the video of the talk below

Testing workshops

After the conference presentation, I had the pleasure of teaching two Cypress workshops. You can find the workshop content in cypress-io/testing-workshop-cypress repository. The day went fast - and I feel confident that the people who attended these workshops will be happy Cypress users.

Personal impressions

I have nothing but high praise for the organizers of the ReactiveConf conference. They truly pulled a world class event. The speakers, the events, the logistics - everything was well prepared and went without a hitch. Bravo! Here they are - taking a selfie after the conference was over: Matej, Kristina, Miki and Miska.

Miss you guys already!

I also enjoyed talking, toasting and brainstorming with other speakers. Let me tell you - there might be some interesting features coming to Cypress as a result!