Guest Contributor: Step up your E2E skills with this Cypress webcast from Joe Eames

June 28, 2019

By The Cypress Team

The "Introduction to Cypress" webcast with Joe Eames will be held July 1st at 6PM EST - you can register here.

We love our users. We especially love our users who take the time to educate others about the many features and capabilities of Cypress. Take, for instance, Joe Eames—he's given talks about Cypress at dozens of meetups, conferences and events (including at ng-conf this past May) around the United States. He is a Cypress expert, and most recently has helped beginners get up-and-running with E2E testing via two "Introduction to Cypress" webcasts - and there's another coming up on Monday, July 1st.

If you're just getting started with Cypress and want a detailed introduction, this is the webcast is for you. Joe will cover:

  • Guided training through multiple testing scenarios to know how to handle even the most complex test cases.
  • Getting detailed insights to discover the flaws in your current testing strategies and how to most effectively test your apps using Cypress.
  • Learning how to test your applications with less time and effort.
  • Live Q&A
  • How testing with Cypress can
  • ...and more!

The webcast will be held Monday, July 1st at 6PM EST - it's completely free, and you can register here. If you attend, you may even get some free Cypress swag 😉

See you there!