GitHub Integration for the Cypress Dashboard

July 29, 2019


By The Cypress Team

As part of our ongoing effort to develop the most productive and developer-friendly testing ecosystem, we’re excited to announce GitHub integration for the Cypress Dashboard. Our team has been hard at work developing a feature-rich GitHub App to tightly integrate your Cypress test runs with your day-to-day GitHub workflow.

The Cypress GitHub App provides timely and useful test run information within pull-requests via status checks and pull-request comments. Best of all, every GitHub integration feature is fully configurable at the project level.

GitHub Integration options within your Cypress project settings

You can easily install the Cypress GitHub App via your organization’s Cypress Dashboard settings. Please refer to our docs for more detailed information about GitHub Integration setup and usage—but for now, let’s take a quick glance at how you can leverage the Cypress GitHub App to improve your development workflow.

Commit Status Checks

GitHub status checks let you know if a commit associated with a pull-request meets the necessary conditions, such as passing test suites, before being allowed to be merged in with the rest of your codebase.

With the Cypress GitHub App, the status of your Cypress test runs can be reported for any given commit or pull-request. You can enable status checks to be posted for every test spec file or for every test run group.

Status checks per run group
Status check per test spec

Pull-Request Comments

Status checks inform you at a high-level about the state of your test run, but when a failure occurs, you need more detailed information to resolve the issue. The Cypress GitHub App assists you in this situation by posting a comment within the associated pull request with run statistics, specific test failures, and related screenshots to help you pinpoint the problem quickly.

Each test failure within the PR comment links directly to the Cypress Dashboard so you can dig in further by analyzing error messages, stack traces, related screenshots, and full test run video recordings.

Cypress Dashboard organizes all your test failures and visualizes them

Enable GitHub Integration Today

Github Integration is available for all Cypress Dashboard users. Check out our docs to quickly enable status checks and PR comments for your projects today.

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