Building Integration Tests for Shopify Themes with Cypress

August 15, 2019

By The Cypress Team

This past June, Michael Shannon (Co-Founder of Pixelcabin) gave an excellent talk at Shopify Unite—with a full overview of Pixelcabin's automated test integration suite using Cypress and TravisCI for Shopify themes. You can watch a recording of the talk below:

Pixelcabin, which has been working with Shopify for seven years, focuses on solving complex problems across a broad range of merchants. They provide a combination of app development and theme work to engineer beautiful and comprehensive ecommerce solutions.

As their business grew, Pixelcabin wanted to level up the test coverage they had in their themes - and they realized that Cypress was the best tool to meet their testing goals (not to mention, they were also impressed by features like test suite recording).

After writing integration tests with Cypress, the Pixelcabin team integrated Travis in order to run their tests in a CI environment. By automating these tests, they could deploy more frequently and reliably than ever before.

Want to utilize the test suite for your own projects? You're in luck - Michael Shannon has shared the example repo in tandem with his talk, so that anyone can learn how to configure Cypress and Travis to run integration tests for Shopify.

Happy testing!