Live Webcast | Continuous Integration with Cypress

September 16, 2019

By The Cypress Team


At Cypress, we believe running end-to-end tests on CI should be part of any development pipeline. But with so many CI providers to choose from, setting up each service can present a number of different obstacles.

Join us on Monday, September 23rd at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT to learn how to set up Cypress correctly on a variety of CI providers, from TeamCity to Travis to Circle—hosted by Justin James, Founder of Let Your Nerd be Heard, and Gleb Bahmutov, VP of Engineering at Cypress. They’ll show solutions to the common problems Cypress users experience, and will give tips on how to configure Cypress to run tests against several environments: development, staging, and production.

Your Webcast Hosts

In this hour-long webcast with live Q&A, you'll learn:

  • The difference between "cypress open" vs "cypress run"
  • How to set up Cypress on CI
  • CI examples
  • How to run Cypress tests inside a Docker image: common “Gotchas”
  • How to test different environments
  • And more!

PS - If you can't attend the live broadcast, go ahead and register anyway - we'll be sure to send a recording of the webcast to all registrants. Until next time!