Webcast Recording | Set up faster, easier, end-to-end testing with CircleCI and Cypress

May 1, 2020

By The Cypress Team

In early April, our VP of Engineering, Gleb Bahmutov, and CircleCI Solutions Engineer, Vinny Thanh, presented a live webcast on how teams can use the Cypress Orb with CircleCI to run end-to-end tests against different environments, providing full confidence in their web applications.

Some of the key topics they covered include:

  • How CircleCI orbs provide a simple way for teams to write their CI config without needing to do all of the heavy lifting
  • How to set up Cypress on CircleCI to maximize end-to-end testing efficiency

Thanks to all who attended the live broadcast, and to all attendees who asked live questions. You can watch the webcast recording below:

You can also view the slides below:

If you enjoyed our webcast, stay tuned - we have many more broadcasts planned for the near future. To stay updated, follow us on Twitter.

Until next time!

Note: The above recording is from our second webcast with CircleCI. You can find the recording to our first webcast (from December 2018) below:

You can also find the slides to this presentation here.