Highlight your project’s test status with Cypress README badges

September 2, 2020

By The Cypress Team

We’re excited to announce that Cypress Dashboard users can now add Cypress badges to their README files 🎉

What’s This?

README badges allow you to increase visibility of your project's test status and test count to other developers viewing your project's README file.

The Cypress README badge displayed on our RWA project

Viewers can immediately see how many Cypress tests passed, failed, and skipped within your project. The Cypress README badge is a great way to provide more insight into your projects, in addition to helping validate the quality someone can expect from your project (plus, it looks pretty fancy if you ask us).

How do I create a Cypress README badge?

  1. In your Cypress Dashboard account, select the project for which you’d like to create a README badge.
  2. On the Project Settings page, scroll down to the README Badges section and click “Configure Badge”.

Note: README badges are currently only available for public projects.

  1. A configuration modal will appear. The Project ID will be pre-filled with the ID associated with the project you selected. You can choose to designate a specific branch, or leave this field blank to always use the latest build in the project.
  2. Next, style your badge. Flat is the default styling and is most commonly used, but 5 style options are available.
  3. Select the badge type to change the amount and type of information that’s displayed. Simple status will show only whether tests are passing or failing. Detailed status will show the number of tests that were passed, failed, or skipped. Test count will show how many tests are included in your project.
  4. Once you’ve selected all your settings, check out the preview and make sure everything looks just the way you like it.  

And...that’s it! Your badge is ready to be embedded. Copy the markdown at the bottom of the Configure Badge modal, and embed it in your project’s README file for everyone to see 🎉

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Already embedded the Cypress README badge? Show us your project on Twitter!