Cypress raises $40M Series B round led by OpenView

December 17, 2020

By Drew Lanham

On Wednesday, we announced a $40M Series B round of funding led by OpenView Venture Partners.

OpenView’s deep domain expertise in product led growth and developer tools made them a great fit for us. We’re thrilled to add Blake Bartlett, Partner at OpenView, to our Board of Directors. We’re confident with the support of Blake and the OpenView team, we’ll successfully navigate the next stages of expansion.

What’s next

In the last year, we’ve shipped a host of new features such as cross-browser testing, a brand new cy.intercept() command to modify any kind of network request, and many new analytics and features in our Dashboard.

This funding will further accelerate our product roadmap. Cypress has been working hard behind the scenes to bring innovation into two other areas of testing.

The top priorities include:

  • Expanding the open source test runner for more testing types. Cypress will expand its open source product by offering developers the ability to write new types of tests. While we currently allow users to write end-to-end and browser-based integration tests, we’ve been working for the last year to add both unit testing (in Node.js) and component testing (in the browser). Component testing will borrow from the existing principles already present in Cypress, but give users the power and flexibility to mount components directly from your source code without running/booting/spawning a server. Additionally, unit testing focuses purely on Node.js tests, enabling users to write any kind of backend test with the power, insight, and visibility that’s missing today. Expect to hear more details of these launches in the upcoming months.
  • Enhancing the Dashboard. Our companion Dashboard Service will continue to expand its capabilities to help maintain, manage, debug, and orchestrate running your tests. Expect to see new features such as test prioritization, test burn-in, Jira integration, and a unification of all your recorded tests across all testing types. We’re also exploring the opportunity for Cypress to report on code coverage, visual screenshot testing, and additional insights and analytics as part of making our commercial service even more powerful.

Join the Team

We’re hiring across engineering, developer experience, product managers, success engineers, technical account managers, community support, sales, data science, and more. You’d be joining a team and community of passionate people leading the industry in building world-class open source tools and commercial services that developers love.

Thank you

This financing is a huge milestone for Cypress. Getting to this point would not have been possible without the dedication of the entire Cypress team, our users, customers, community, open source developers, and investors. Brian and I want to express our sincere gratitude for their efforts and support, all of which make Cypress possible. Thank you for investing in making Cypress better for everyone, and helping to grow and foster a community that’s thriving.