Live Webcast | Ship safer code with Cypress and Codecov

December 30, 2020

By The Cypress Team


Companies across the globe rely on code coverage insights to ensure quality standards. Join us on Wednesday, January 13th at 2pm EST/11am PST to find out how you can use Cypress tests with Codecov to write highly durable code that allows you to deploy with confidence.

Your Webcast Hosts

In this webcast, we’ll explain how to focus your efforts with code coverage, and what a good coverage value looks like.

Next, we will dive into:

  • How Codecov fits into your workflow
  • How you can use coverage metrics to inform your testing
  • How your Cypress tests can leverage Codecov to ship safer code

Finally, we’ll demonstrate how you can quickly get Cypress and Codecov up and running in your setups, and conclude the presentation with live Q&A from our audience.

PS - If you can't attend the live broadcast, go ahead and register anyway - we'll be sure to send a recording of the webcast to all registrants. Until next time!