Cypress 10.8: Experimental: Run tests in WebKit

September 13, 2022

By The Cypress Team

We are excited to bring you an update on one of our most popular user requests: Cypress support for testing in Safari! Apple’s Safari browser accounts for almost 20% of worldwide internet usage. In 10.8.0, Cypress users can test their web applications using WebKit, the same browser engine used in Safari. By running your existing Cypress tests in WebKit, you can feel confident that your web application is bug-free and works as intended for Safari users.

We are releasing experimental support for testing in WebKit today. After upgrading to 10.8.0, you can set the experimentalWebKitSupport config option in Cypress to opt-in to this feature. Check out the docs for complete instructions.

Since it is an experiment, you might encounter missing features or bugs while using WebKit. Please check the known issues list, and provide your ideas and feedback on Github.

This experiment uses Playwright's build of WebKit to enable this feature, as we work towards creating a better UX for Cypress browser detection in the future. Thank you to the Playwright contributors who have helped make this possible.

We’d like to also thank Weyert de Boer for his open source contributions that formed the basis of experimental WebKit support. Thank you, Weyert! Stay tuned for more updates on WebKit and cross-browser support in Cypress. For a complete list of updates in 10.8.0, please review our changelog.