Cypress Ambassador Spotlight: Bekah Hawrot Weigel

October 13, 2022

By Ronald Williams

Meet Bekah.

In addition to bringing an extensive amount of technical knowledge to Cypress users, Bekah also continues to keep community at the forefront of her work. As a member of the team, she supports developers by offering workshops and events that cater to all stages and skillsets.

What motivates you to be a Cypress Ambassador?

I really enjoy using Cypress to ensure the reliability of my code. But even more, I love sharing things that I find valuable. My background as a teacher has always been a part of my learning journey, as well as my continued experience in community building. I'm excited to be able to share what I'm learning as part of the Cypress Ambassador Program.

How do you currently help others that are either using Cypress or interested in using Cypress?

I've done some talks and written some blog posts about Cypress, but I'm always happy to answer questions in the communities I'm a part of.

What is your favorite Cypress feature?

I love the testrunner, not only because it makes it easier for me, but it's a great tool to teach testing with.

What is your favorite "Cypress Best Practice" and why?

Creating organized tests. This allows other developers to come in and be able to understand your process quickly and it allows you to update them more quickly as well.

Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do (hobbies, passions, etc.)?

Writing, weight lifting, my four kids <3

What is one professional milestone you are proud of? (an accomplishment, celebration, recognition, etc.)

I'm proud of the community I started, and going into our third year of the community of developers at all stages of the journey, and launching season 6 of our podcast.

For new users -  what is the best way to "get started" with Cypress?

The Documentation of Cypress is stellar. I highly recommend just adding Cypress to a project and walking through the sample tests that come with it.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

“Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become the next moment. By the same token, every human being has the freedom to change at any instant.”

― Viktor Emil Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

About the Ambassador Program.

The Cypress Ambassador program supports the top Cypress advocates around the world. Through this program, Ambassadors are offered speaking opportunities, a personalized hub, and visibility within our extensive network.To learn more about these wonderful ambassadors visit our Official Ambassador webpage.

The Cypress Community Team has been working on the official Cypress Ambassador program to include a variety of new experiences, support resources, benefits, contribution areas, and much more. One of our main priorities is to highlight our current Ambassadors and the amazing work they are doing. They truly embody the community spirit through their advocacy to help empower others. We will be having more opportunities to connect with our Ambassadors this year. Make sure to stay updated on upcoming events and opportunities.