Cypress Dashboard will soon become Cypress Cloud

November 1, 2022

By The Cypress Team


  • Cypress Dashboard was introduced in 2017 as an essential peer to the open-source Cypress app.
  • To better represent what Cypress Dashboard is today – and will be in the future – we are renaming it Cypress Cloud.
  • This rename will have no immediate impact on how you use Cypress Cloud today.

Cypress Dashboard’s evolution

When first introduced in 2017, Cypress Dashboard enabled development and testing teams to record, debug, and parallelizeCypress test results. The name fit and, more importantly, the product fit users’ needs.

“From the beginning of Cypress, we realized we had to develop two products,” Cypress Founder, Brian Mann, said. “With the open-source Cypress app, we would be giving developers only half the solution for local development. Cypress Dashboard would then focus on becoming essential for teams to efficiently test at scale and confidently mitigate deployment risks.”

Since 2017, Cypress Dashboard has matured to become much more than just a utility for reporting and recording tests and, as such, it's time to right-size its name.

The next stage of our journey

We believe testing is the most important part of development and that developers deserve a data-rich, all-encompassing testing solution. This year, we established a bi-directional data flow between Cypress Dashboard and the open-source Cypress app.

As the Cypress app runs tests, it records its rich result data to Cypress Dashboard. Dashboard persists and mines this data to provide an enhanced local debugging workflow, powers smart orchestration for faster and more efficient CI builds, and derives a wide range of insights that measure and optimize the entire development process.

To reflect this tidal change and clarify the nature of this product for future users, in a few weeks we will officially update the name of Cypress Dashboard to Cypress Cloud. This name also paves the way for future features and capabilities to serve development and testing teams of all sizes.

What’s next?

If you're already using Cypress Dashboard today (soon to be Cypress Cloud), then you already benefit from the capabilities that merit the new name. Nothing else changes, everything works the same. If you haven't tried it yet, then we invite you to take advantage of a free trial.

We also encourage you to make sure that you're using the latest Cypress app version so that you can benefit from enriched Cypress Cloud data directly in your local testing environment.

As always, happy testing!