Announcing Cypress Component Testing GA and Performance Improvements in Cypress 11

November 8, 2022

By The Cypress Team

Today your tests get an upgrade as we launched Cypress 11! We have a few exciting additions to share. Let's dig in!

Cypress Component Testing Goes GA

Cypress Component Testing (CT) allows you to build and test individual components using popular front-end frameworks in isolation. Tests run in the browser and enable you to test the behavior of components with the tooling you are accustomed to. Since it's still Cypress, you use the same familiar APIs to write and organize component tests and have access to our vast ecosystem of plugins and community resources.

Last June, we released CT into beta. With today's Cypress 11 release, we are taking Component Testing and several of our supported frameworks from beta to general availability (GA)! What does this mean? When we promote a feature from beta or experimental status, we give it time in the hands of real users to collect feedback, iterate on its design, and finish any outstanding issues we believe are required for general use. When a feature goes GA, we will not break the API or functionality of the feature unless there is a major release of Cypress, following the practices of semantic versioning.

Since the beta release, we have constantly been iterating on CT by fixing bugs, supporting new frameworks (like Angular and Svelte), stabilizing the APIs, and adding features to bring the developer experience to the level you are accustomed to with Cypress. With Cypress 11, Component Testing and our support for React, Next.js, Vue, and Angular are now generally available. Our recently-added Svelte and Nuxt support will remain in alpha as we work out a few more details, but look for that to go GA soon.

With the Cypress 11 release, there is a small list of breaking changes in CT to the mount API and development servers you might need to update to upgrade. View the changelog for a full list of changes, and see the migration guide on how to update your existing tests. If you’d like to learn more about our design decisions for the Cypress 11 release and we think about our API, check out our blog post.

Faster Startup Performance

Another exciting addition to Cypress 11 is faster startup performance for both Cypress open and run modes. The app's launch time is up to 85% faster in some cases, and you should see a considerable difference in your daily usage. Check out the video for a comparison of Cypress 10 and Cypress 11:

Cypress 11 vs 10 startup time on a new project

Wrapping Up

Ready to get started? Head over to our docs on component testing, and you can be up and running in minutes. If you have any problems or have feedback, please file an issue on GitHub.

Check out the changelog for a full list of all the changes in Cypress 11.

Happy testing!