New for Cypress Cloud: Run duration analytics, recommendations, and configurable Auto Cancellation

December 19, 2022

By The Cypress Team

Today, we're excited to announce the release of a new update to Cypress Cloud with all new test run analytics and actionable recommendations for how to optimize your test suite’s performance in CI.

Run duration analytics

Now available on the Run Overview page is a new trends visualization that displays the current and historical run durations of your branch’s test suite.

For each test run displayed in the chart, you can hover to explore the test run’s status, run duration, detected flake, and Smart Orchestration features applied to the run. More on Smart Orchestration later.

Additionally, Cypress Cloud automatically detects and plots changes to your test run’s configuration. This includes changes to the Cypress app version used to run tests in CI, newly enabled or disabled Smart Orchestration features, and changes to test groupings. This means you can easily identify when changes occurred and exactly how they affected the run duration of your tests.

Actionable recommendations

Included in this update is an actionable summary that measures how each Smart Orchestration feature could impact your test runs’ durations and CI resource usage. Your estimated savings are calculated based on your test run history and displayed for essential features like Spec Prioritization, Auto Cancellation, and Parallelization. You can also enable each Smart Orchestration feature that is available to your account, directly from the Run Overview page.

Ryan Pei, Cypress Principal Product Manager, “Smart Orchestration features save your team both time and resource costs by optimizing your tests for more efficient feedback times and results. For most teams, these are must-use features that result in material savings.”

Configurable Auto Cancellation

Auto Cancellation, a Smart Orchestration feature available to Business and Enterprise Cypress Cloud plans, automatically stops a test run in CI when a single test spec fails. This protects valuable CI resources and shortens the feedback loop for developers who need to debug the cause of the failure.

Today, we released an update to Auto Cancellation that gives you the flexibility to configure how many tests must fail in a CI test run before Auto Cancellation ends the test run.

For more information about how to enable and configure Auto Cancellation in Cypress Cloud, please visit Cypress Docs.

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