Cypress Cloud: Auto Cancellation is now available via CLI

February 15, 2023

By The Cypress Team

With today’s release of Cypress 12.6, Cypress Cloud users can configure Auto Cancellation via CLI and Node Module API, offering new opportunities to shorten feedback loops and protect valuable CI and human resources.

If you are a Cypress Cloud Business and Enterprise customer, you can now use CLI to configure how many tests must fail before Auto Cancellation ends your CI test run.

With this release, you have granular control to enable Auto Cancellation based on many variables, including testing environment, branch, and more.

Here are a few examples of when the new CLI flag might be useful:

  • Setting a lower-than-normal value on dev environments to fail a test suite early for faster feedback
  • Disabling Auto Cancellation on important branches that need the full test suite to run every time
  • Selectively overriding the project’s failure threshold that is set in Cypress Cloud

Auto Cancellation is available to all Cypress Cloud Business and Enterprise plans. You will first need to upgrade to Cypress app version 12.6 or later to use Auto Cancellation for your test runs via CLI.

Using Auto Cancellation via CLI is as simple as including a flag on the desired Cypress test run. For more information and code implementation examples, visit Cypress’ Auto Cancellation docs.

For more information about other features released in 12.6, visit the Cypress changelog.