Cypress Ambassador Spotlight: Randy Guerra

April 4, 2024

By Ronald Williams

A headshot photo of Randy Guerra, Cypress Ambassador

What motivates you to be a Cypress Ambassador?

Being a part of the community that gathers people engaged, at least to a small extent, in the development of the testing technology which is so amazing and friendly to testers and developers is something which motivates me a lot.

How do you currently help others that are either using Cypress or interested in using Cypress?

In all the companies I have worked for, I highly recommend the use of the framework. I believe that it makes each test, carried out for each software, efficient, managing to establish principles of good practices, and promoting the good use of testing. I believe that a beautiful community is achieved by imparting experience. In my case, I always try to talk about the proper use of the framework before any team.

What is your favorite Cypress feature?

It is difficult to choose one feature that is my favorite because I think Cypress as a whole is simply a game changer in the world of software engineering and quality assurance.

However, if I had to choose just one, it would probably be the preconditions that case the hooks, which allow me to establish the rules of each test before I start evaluating each 

of them.

What is your favorite "Cypress Best Practice" and why?

The entire framework itself offers complete tools for use. Because it provides secure testing for all development. The best testing practice is to optimize test execution time and reduce costs: As the test suite grows, optimizing test execution time becomes crucial. You should establish Cypress Cloud parallelization capabilities to distribute tests across multiple machines, reducing execution time and overall costs.

Something important to highlight is the implementation of access controls and permissions to test environments: being able to apply strict access controls and permissions to test environments to avoid unauthorized modifications or alterations.

Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do (hobbies, passions, etc.)?

I love coaching, which is one of my favorite activities besides coding and playing soccer. My star dishes are Venezuelan Chinese rice, pizza and cheese. I also love being able to play video games, as well as watch movies and go to the movies. Additionally, I love to travel: I would love to visit Africa (Safari in Kenya), Asia (especially Tokyo) and the United States (to travel Route 69).

What is one professional milestone you are proud of? (an accomplishment, celebration, recognition, etc.)

I am a person who still wants to grow, regardless of success and seniority in the industry. 

I think there are many achievements. Perhaps I will highlight my position in a growing company called UPEX. In addition to offering quality products at the testing level, it introduces people to the IT world, allowing them to achieve a higher level in the world of software quality. Currently, many people today have a concentrated position, where they start from being a mentor to the vast majority of them.

For new users -  what is the best way to "get started" with Cypress?

I always say that the most important thing in our profession is practice and above all having a good foundation in software testing, because it is essential to have context of how to test in a framework. They should start testing their own apps or if they don't have that opportunity, they can use the cypress-realword-app repository on github prepared by I highly recommend checking out the free gallery of repositories, which offer a useful repository for anyone looking to get started with cypress. Followed by a list of videos that follow the first steps of how to get started with cypress. It can be found on YouTube by searching “saitest”. The best, to start.

What is your favorite quote or saying?

"Never give up"

About the Ambassador Program.

The Cypress Ambassador program supports the top Cypress advocates around the world. Through this program, Ambassadors are offered speaking opportunities, a personalized hub, and visibility within our extensive network.To learn more about these wonderful ambassadors visit our Official Ambassador webpage.

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