New for Cypress Cloud: Enterprise Reporting

April 18, 2024

By Jessamyn Sweet

We're excited to introduce a new tool designed to assist technical experts and company leadership in analyzing their organization’s testing progress. Cypress Cloud Enterprise plan users can now access organization-level trends and insights on adoption, usage, and performance.

This tool is specifically crafted to drive accountability, enforce standardization, streamline workflows, and aid organizations in identifying areas where Cypress is delivering value. Above all, it aims to empower the process of making data-driven strategic decisions. Simply put, we're bringing data insights to your fingertips.

Let’s dive in!

Usage and Billing

This first tab addresses the question: how can I track the usage of Cypress across different pockets within my organization? This data enables you to understand how changes made to individual projects are impacting the number of test cases.

Test Results 

In the second tab, we break down test result data by build, by spec, and by individual test. This allows teams to showcase failure rates at the appropriate granularity for their leadership team.

Test Suite

The third tab provides valuable information for governance, offering a clear map of your company’s testing journey. This includes an overview of test types employed, areas with high flake rates, and the various versions of Cypress implemented across the organization (whether intentional or accidental). Such insights facilitate standardization of testing throughout your organization, improving efficiency.

Raw Data

In this tab, you can view granular samples of your data, which you can download to delve deeper into test results.

Wrapping Up

If you have a Cypress Enterprise account, this feature is available now in your Cypress Cloud account. We are actively gathering feedback on the data and visualizations provided. If there’s anything we can do to enhance Enterprise Reporting for your specific use case, please share it with a member of our team!

Check out our documentation for more information about the product. Check out our website for more information on our Enterprise plan.