New for Cypress Cloud: Data Extract API

May 1, 2024

By Jessamyn Sweet

Introducing the Data Extract API, now available in Enterprise Cypress Cloud plans. This API empowers you to retrieve your test data at various levels. You can access individual test results, which encompass status, error messages, build tags and groups, Test Replay links, and more. This data enables you to:

  • Understand overall app quality and trends across multiple projects.
  • Drive accountability and enforce standardization in testing practices.
  • Streamline workflows.
  • Identify and maximize areas where Cypress is delivering value to the organization.

Leverage this data to create compelling executive dashboards that demonstrate the value of your testing investment to leadership teams. 

Explore granular sample data by navigating to Enterprise Reporting within Cypress Cloud. There, you'll find sample data to help you understand its scope and structure. Like all charts in Enterprise Reporting, you can download the test results as an image or file for offline use.

Using the API is straightforward. Set up programmatic data access on the Integrations page by simply copying the API key to get started. The data can be returned in JSON, CSV, and Excel formats, easily integrated into your business intelligence reporting platform and programmatically parsed.

Endpoints are meticulously documented on our website. Please note that data is populated through the end of the previous day. Historical data is available as specified by your data retention limit in Cypress Cloud.

If you have an Enterprise account, this feature is available now in Cypress Cloud.

Happy Testing!