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Supercharged Velocity

Use the power of parallelization to run more tests, faster

  • Decrease test maintenance by up to 75%
  • Identify and resolve issues in CI more quickly
  • Ship and release more features, with greater confidence
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Reduced Execution Time

Accelerate test speed, and spend more time developing

  • Run tests in multiple browsers by grouping test runs for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and more
  • Utilize the power of Cypress parallelization within your groups to execute tests up to 5x faster
  • Group tests by environment, package, custom configuration, and more to easily organize results
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Increased Confidence

Unlock critical data and results for your team

  • See the exact point of failure in your UI with auto-generated screenshots of test failures
  • Visualize the impact of every error by watching full video recordings of any test you run
  • Get notified instantly when tests fail with our GitHub and Slack Integrations

How it works

Cypress Cloud is an optional web-based companion to the Cypress app.

It provides timely, simple and powerful insights on all your tests run at a glance.

With automatic parallelization and load balancing you can optimize CI and run significantly faster tests.

Setup to record tests

  • See how many tests failed or passed - and how healthy they are.
  • Get the entire stack trace of failed tests.
  • View screenshots taken on test failure.
  • Watch a video of your whole test run, or at the point of failure.
  • Manage who has access to your recorded data.
Travis CI
Travis CI
Circle CI
Circle CI

Run in CI

Easily integrate Cypress with your current CI provider.

  • Run Cypress in CI and you will know as soon as there is a failure.
  • Easy-to-understand error codes help you spot problems.
  • We make it simple to run in CI. Use our Docker images or bring your own.

Cypress works with any CI provider.

Optimize tests

  • See detailed insights into the performance of individual tests and specs to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Automatic load balancing and parallelization ensure tests run as fast as possible.
  • See all results in one place.
Tests shown parallelized across 6 machines in Cypress Cloud

Maximize efficiency with parallelization

Split your tests across multiple CI machines and drastically reduce your run times.

Parallelization off-switchOFF



CI Machine #1


login.spec.js 5 min


widget.spec.js 3.4 min


search.spec.js 1.6 min


admin.spec.js 2.5 min


Parallelization Asset 6ON


CI Machine #1


admin.spec.js2.5 min


search.spec.js1.6 min


CI Machine #2


login.spec.js5 min


CI Machine #3


widget.spec.js3.4 min

  • 0 min
  • 5 min
  • 10 min
  • 12.5 min

    Without parallelization

  • 5 min

    With parallelization

Automatic load balancing

Cypress will automatically balance your spec files across the available machines in your CI provider.

Spec test run duration history

  • y-axis-arrowSpec test run times (min)
  • Predicted test duration

  • x-axis-arrow

    Recent History




Organize your test runs with grouping

Use grouping to associate multiple jobs on a single CI build to a single test run.

Grouping is great for...

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Slack Integration

The Cypress Slack app provides real-time results for your Cypress tests, all in one place — improving remote collaboration and giving wider visibility into test behavior.

  • Improve cross-team collaboration by instantly surfacing Cypress results to the teams that need visibility
  • Confirm that key tests pass prior to launching new products or features
  • Reduce the time it takes to catch failed tests
Slack chat

GitHub Integration

Cypress Cloud tightly integrates your Cypress test runs with your GitHub workflow via commit status checks and pull-request comments.

Merge Confidently with Status Checks

Cypress Cloud will report status of test runs as GitHub commit status checks for every run group or every spec file in your test-suite. Prevent PR merges until all your Cypress tests pass.


Test Results In Your Workflow
via Pull-Request Comments

Detailed test run information conveniently posted as PR comments that include test run statistics, specific test failures, related screenshots, and deep links to Cypress Cloud to help you quickly resolve problems.


Cypress is built for scale

No matter how big (or small) your project






test run hours


tests recorded

Cypress Dashboard Service usage as of December, 2019.

Q. Is Cypress Cloud optional?


Q. Why do I need Cypress Cloud?

The Cypress app does an amazing job of providing an excellent local experience as you write your tests day-to-day. However, as you build up a suite of tests, you'll typically integrate and run these tests in CI. Cypress Cloud enables you to visualize these tests and provides insights into your test runs so they can be optimized. With parallelization and automated load balancing built in too, you can run your tests across as many containers or machines as you want to.

Q. How do I record my runs?

Q. Do you see my code?

No. Your application code is never transferred or touched by us in any way. We never request or need access to Github, your CI provider, or your source code. Cypress Cloud only collects test metadata and artifacts. These include screenshots, videos, test results, errors, environment variables, and logs. These can still contain sensitive information which is why we recommend setting up a private project in Cypress Cloud.

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