Component Testing

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Make Sure You Do This Before Switching To Signals

This blog post was originally published on This time last year Standalone Component's were the talk of the Angular town. This year signals have replaced that buzz throughout the Angular Ecosystem. Though it will take some time for the introduction of signals into Angular's ecosystem to take…

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Cypress Component Framework Definition API

Cypress prides itself on providing a first-class experience for Component Testing. Part of this experience is our onboarding process that automatically detects the library and framework used in a project, and scaffolds the relevant files and configuration. Starting with Cypress 12.7, we are exposin…

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Component Testing Next.js with Cypress

Cypress Component Testing allows you to build and test individual components using popular front-end frameworks, and one of the most popular frameworks in use today is Next.js. Front-end libraries like React and Vue are designed to structure your application into small, reusable components, but a fr…

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