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  • Zach Bloomquist

Cypress 10.8: Experimental: Run tests in WebKit

We are excited to bring you an update on one of our most popular user requests: Cypress support for testing in Safari! Apple’s Safari browser accounts for almost 20% of worldwide internet usage. In 10.8.0, Cypress users can test their web applications using WebKit, the same browser engine used in Sa…

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Announcing Cypress 10 with Component Testing Beta!

Hello, friends! Today, we have an exciting announcement to share. The title up above might have given it away, but in case you missed it, Cypress 10 is here 🎉! Cypress 10 is our most exciting release yet, and we have a lot to unpack, so let's dive in and look at some of the new functionality. New C…

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An Update on Cypress Studio

*Update 8/30/2022: We have reintroduced the experimental Cypress Studio feature in 10.7. For more details, read our blog post. This update at a glance:Cypress 10.0 will soon be released and it will include several new features, like first-class support for Component TestingCypress Studio, the exper…

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