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Experimental Fetch Polyfill

Let's take an application that makes an Ajax call to the browser to load a list of ... fruits. You can find this awesome and healthy application in Cypress Example Recipes under name "Stubbing window.fetch". ApplicationEvery time you visit an application you get five new fruitsThis application prese…

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When Can The Test Log Out?

Recently, we released the Cypress Real World App - a modern web application with a full set of E2E and API tests showing the recommended best practices for writing tests. From the start, we had Linux continuous integration running tests on every commit. After the release, we added a Windows continuo…

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Where Does the Test Spend Its Time?

No one likes slow tests. But before we can make a test faster, we need to understand where the test actually spends its time. In this blog post I will show how to report the total test duration and time per individual Cypress command.…

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