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Test Isolation as a Best Practice

This is a guest post from Ambassador David Ingraham. Hello, I’m David. I’m a Senior SDET with a passion for quality and training engineers on best practices in the industry. I’ve implemented robust testing frameworks for three years with Cypress.io and I’m looking forward to many more. Find and con…

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Uploading files made easy with the .selectFile command

Today we're excited to announce a built-in way for you to select files in an HTML5 input element and simulate dragging files into the browser with the introduction of the .selectFile() [https://docs.cypress.io/api/commands/selectfile] command, new in Cypress 9.3.0 [https://docs.cypress.io/guides/ref…

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Cypress + Storybook 2.0

When building a design system, we like to see components rendered in isolation. What better tool to do that than Storybook? We can see our components, wrap them in decorators, and show our stakeholders beautiful user story demos. Once we know how our components should look, we want to test them. Fo…

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